The Miracle of 727

by emotionalst on November 14, 2012

The birthing of my Vibroacoustic Music CD’s & DVD’s and the Miracle Chord 727 Hz

When my son passed away in 2005 I was blessed with the gift of being able to hear him occasionally speak to me, when he chose to do so. This gift was very comforting to me and the messages he sent were important, accurate, timely and prophetic. In 2008, I clearly heard him say to me “Mom, if I had heard your voice in the incubator, I would have been fine”, then a large bright red 727 appeared in front of me. I responded with a loud “What the heck is that supposed to mean”. I knew what he meant by the voice in the incubator. At birth he was tied down and blind folded in the incubator for the first 12 days of his life due to a rare blood disorder. This resulted in his not feeling my touch or hearing my voice during his critical beginning of life; but I really didn’t have a clue about the red 727.

I had already been very familiar with sound vibrations and was in the process of writing my first workbook “Emotional Sound Techniques”, but I had never heard of or knew anything about this frequency. After an extensive search on the internet, I found nothing at all about the 727Hz frequency. Feeling like I let John down by not understanding the meaning of the 727 number he had sent me, I began reading everything about frequency vibrations and sound healing. I purchased many books and even paid $200 for a master listing frequencies and their uses in my search. Most of the technical information in the book was over my head but I kept looking for this mysterious 727. One morning, I was reading the frequencies, from a list created by Dr. Rife. To my surprise and delight, there it was, as clear as day. Dr. Rife called the 727Hz frequency the “Cure All” frequency. My body felt like it was hit by a jolt of electricity, similar to what I envision when someone is hit with the paddles after their heart stops.

I was discouraged, but I felt that John would guide me in figuring this out. I was already researching everything I could about how to get sound into the body. My home was a lab, and everyone who came over became “my lab rat”. Lucky for me, I developed a relationship with a highly respected woman in the field of Sound healing. I owned a recording studio so, together we started a company called Baby Heart Songs. We developed products that are designed to get the mothers voice, heartbeat and the 727 Hz into the incubator in the form of beautiful prescriptions of music, words & heartbeats.

A year later, I developed DVD’s with the 727 Hz with Dolphins and Vibroacoustics and my favorite compositions recorded in my studio. Not long into the project, I was asked to include Whales into DVD’s. I updated all of my DVD’s but never updated the one with the 727 on it. It does however remain on YouTube. I packed up that set of DVD’s and opened a new storage file for all of the current projects.

Miracle Day

My current DVD/CD duplicator was on its last legs so I ordered a new one. In order to save time and money I ordered one without a memory. It just copied what I put in it; plain and simple. This avoids all possibility of the memory taking over if a wrong button is pushed, and takes less time to change the source disc. On the day of the miracle, Susan, my close friend and sound therapist using Kundilini Yoga was coming to test my new Dolphin Lounge. (A Sound Bed hooked up to a TV/DVD with the Movie/sound connected to the sound bed) I needed my EST Class DVD duplicated for an order received from customer and placed that DVD into my brand new duplicator.

This duplicator digitally reflects how many were successfully copied and if any failed. To my shock and horror, it displayed 2 copied and 5 failed. This meant that 5 were not copied, but worse than that, my new duplicator was failing to copy all DVDs days after its purchase.

I had an upcoming event in just 3 days and needed over 100 copies. I was clearly upset, but Susan was on her way so I tried not to let my panic show. I decided to test the failed DVD’s to see if they were blank. Normally they would just be discarded, so they did not accidentally end up in the wrong pile. I put the DVD that should have been blank or corrupt into the computer and it played a DVD that had been copied three months ago; Dolphin Dream 727 Hz. This was impossible. I tested the remaining DVD’s. There were all “Dolphin Dream 727”. My brain was completely scrambled trying to figure out how a DVD duplicator could produce 2 different DVD in one burning cycle, and how a DVD that had never even been in the duplicator be produced ESPECIALLY a duplicator WITHOUT a Memory! The seven DVDs I had put in the duplicator were from a new 100 package of blank DVD’s.

The doorbell rang and I had the just mysteriously finished Dolphin Dream 727 Hz in my hand. Naturally, I put Susan on the sound bed with that DVD although I wanted her to try my latest product “PMS” with Dolphins and Whales.

I was very proud of the new whale footage and the frequencies we selected for PMS. It started with the symptom of irritability… I was the 4th of 7 girls and felt from firsthand experience, this was the best symptom to start the DVD with; irritability. The frequency list is long as are the symptoms of PMS. It took me a great deal of time to put this program together.

Susan came and went. As always, she loved the experience, felt much calmer and left with that DVD and the PMS to play at home. It was just another weird happening in my life that faded into the day. I tried not to focus too much on the fact that I knew in my heart this was not just another weird thing. It was a very special message from my prankster son on the other side, who gets a huge kick out of making me seem crazier than I already feel.

I was also in the process of adding to my “Current Product List”. I felt that I needed to include this Dolphin Dream 727Hz DVD in that list. I was only using more current video with the whales, but I was sure this was John’s way of resurrecting the 727 DVD. I revised everything to place it onto the current “Product List” for the Dolphin Sound Lounges” and online store.


Susan’s Miracle

The next three weeks were very hectic and one day I received a call from Susan. She began by telling me of how the “Dolphin Dream 727 Hz DVD” seemed to have a miraculous property to it. Susan was no stranger to the DVD’s, the songs, Vibroacoustics and the bed. She has been my “lab rat”, co-developer and supporter for many years and used all of the sound products and devises produced by me. She wanted me to know, in no uncertain terms that this DVD was special.

She told me that something “Magical” happened. She and her family had been stranded due to “Super Storm Sandy” for days and just returned to Las Vegas. The family was in total chaos emotionally due to something that happened. She searched for the Dolphin Dream 727 and began playing it in the house. In her own words, “Instantly, the shift took place”. Life was bearable again. The problem still existed, but the reaction to their frustrating situation by each member of the family was completely changed. The change occurred the moment the DVD began to play. Her final miracle was that even her son’s acne cleared up. Acne had been a long time challenge for him.

Maybe this is all a coincidence, but I believe there is way more to 727Hz than it just being a Dr. Rife frequency. I have been told that this number has a Sacred Meaning in the oldest traditions. This is not my field but the man who told me this holds several doctorate degrees and is a Priest in the Bahia Faith.

You can find this video on YouTube called the Miracle of 727 and on my website. Play it for yourself in time of need. I offer this to you as a gift from my son John.




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