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by emotionalst on May 10, 2011

The use of Tuning Forks produces a profound effect on ones energy field, which may also be referred to as the aura or auric field and etheric fields. Below are pictures of different sessions with Regina Murphy. The first are before and after pictures showing the shift in energy.

# 1 This woman in the picture below, came to Regina Murphy because she felt a dark energy around her. She listened to all the forks. This was the first 174Hz.  

Picture #1

# 2 This is the same lady, you can see an angel like figure hovering over her as she continues to listen to the forks.

Picture #2

#3 This is a third picture of the same woman as in # 1 and #2 above. The photo reveals she has two angels protecting her now.

Picture #3

# 4 Regina is using the same fork as in Picture #1 above, however, in a different way.  She is sending the sound through the pointed quartz crystal with the intention of pure unconditional love.  As you can see where the activated fork and crystal are pointing, there is a prominent pink energy on the woman, which is; “The color of love”. This technique also removes anything that is not love from Regina's energy field. That is why you see the murky colors around Regina. When we send love, we are always “in turn” healing ourselves.

Picture #4

# 5 and #6. The next two photos is of a young man struggling with addiction. 
In the first photo the bright orange indicates a release of severe anxiety in the second photo it is clear there is a calmness setting in as indicated by the blue energy field.
Young Man struggling with an addiction

Picture #5

Picture #6

# 7 This is a special sequence called the “Cosmic Octave” using what is known as “The Extraordinary Vessels” in Chinese Medicine.  The points involved are Si 3 and BL 62. The forks are alternated on both sides of the body. These points balance the emotion present at conception. Regina is running the sound through a Quartz Crystal with the highest intention.

Picture #7

# 8 In this photo is a mother whose child passed away and the mother channeled a beautiful book “Angel In Disguise”. She was told by her daughter to go see Regina Murphy and that something with music would be done. When the mother visited, Regina had no idea of what to do. Although she had the tuning forks for about 6 months she had never used them. Regina states that the only thing she could think of was to take pictures of the mother as she listened to the forks. At that particular point it seemed rather dramatic, however this lead her to using this technique with many more clients.

Picture #8

All of the frequencies that are used in the pictures above, are embedded in Regina's CD’s located on the Products Page.
She truly believes in the great power to heal, at the soul level by using these frequencies.


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