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The following are responses to the use of the vibroacutic sound therapy frequencies and guided session techniques using various delivery systems, such as the MP3, that reflect the powerful effects different individuals have experienced.

  • One woman with chronic shingles awoke the next morning free of this disorder.
  • A medical doctor and acupuncturist who is the director of Integrated Medicine, said since sleeping with the MP3 case playing the vibroacustic music, she no longer needs sleeping pills.
    A young girl was given antibiotics as a baby and it destroyed the good bacteria in her intestines. She lived with loose bowels and extreme pain and nothing they gave her reduced the severe imbalance of bacteria caused by antibiotics. She put the MP3 on her stomach and finally had relief, both from pain and a return to normal bowl function.
  • A Doctor of Acupuncture, after her first time using MP3 speaker case, said she, for the first time, had relief from her severe irritable bowel syndrome “I shared this with all the staff at the Spa on the cruise ship and everyone loved it.”
  • A doctor of Acupuncture and a senior staff member at the Kairos Institute, is amazed by its effectiveness.
  • The CD’s have been used at the support groups for Suicide Survivors. “I just love the CDs” was the response of one of individuals in a group.
  • A practitioner is a volunteer at “The Caring Place” for Cancer patients. I trained her on how to use the MP3 case and gave her one for herself. She lets the clients use the IPod case for pain and anxiety while they are at the cancer facility.  One woman had such instant pain relief that she bought her own. She said she just had to have her own because of the relief it brought to her.

The scientific research behind these techniques has a 30 year history. This has even had tremendous results with children and people in Europe that did not even understand the English voice on the CD. This popularity has encouraged me to begin translating the CDs into many languages; at this time only Spanish is available. (German production is underway)

More Testimonials:

“My mother in law has dementia and is staying with us. For four full days she hallucinated literally around the clock- 24/7- needless to say we were all exhausted – we put Regina’s DVD on and she literally calmed down, proceeded to sleep through the night and woke up with no hallucinations! It’s been 2 full days now with no hallucinations and 2 nights of sleep! We truly consider it a miracle and are so grateful sanity and rest has returned. Thank you Regina for your miraculous and to us lifesaving work! God bless you! Matisun, Author and Public Speaker

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