Vibroacoustic Music Self Treatment DVD’s with Astonishing Medical Results

by emotionalst on November 14, 2012

Before and After: Medical Images of the Brain, Heart and Hormones
after using Vibroacoustic Music Self Treatment DVD’s

(Read story then scroll down to see scan results)

I have been using a technology called “Electro Interstitial Scans” to monitor my health for the last two years. This technology allows visual pictures of the status of various organs, and other systems. It generates a written report on the body’s water levels, lymph system, blood pressure Neurotransmitters, oxidative stress, chemical constants, minerals, and hormones. I am pleased that I have take my health into my own hands and been able to monitor my results. My husband had a scan, three days after a full panel blood test and I was amazed at the extreme accuracy of his scan compared to the blood results.

After I started making Vibroacoustic Sound Therapy DVD’s with the Rife Frequencies in them, for home use, I wanted to see if the tests I had been using on myself would show a difference on someone who had not been exposed to frequencies and was in need of treatment. I carefully selected a friend who was in very poor health and in his opinion; very depressed. We agreed that he would listen to the Heart Health DVD and Anxiety and Depression. He agreed to the “before and after scans” and that he would change nothing in his regular routine. I knew he would want to start eating better and exercising after his first scan but he promised not to do so and waited the agreed upon three weeks for the results of my experiment after his second scan.

He loves his TV time so the DVD’s only played while he was asleep and in the background while other activities in the home were being done. He agreed to only play the Anxiety and Depression DVD for the first week. He called me after three days and said “I know something is happening, I feel much better and more hopeful”.

I was shocked and thrilled. I am sure he was too. In the second week he added the Hearth Health, and in the third week he added Ave Maria with Solfeggio frequencies. Finally the day came for the follow-up. I was anxious for the results as was my friend. I was prepared for not so good results and at the same time looking for a miracle. I was extremely excited when Tracy, the test administrator’s, first words were “OMG! I have never seen such a dramatic improvement in the brain in such a short time” and “OMG…look at his heart!!!”

I was thrilled, because I love my friend and was grateful to see the improvements! I was also thrilled because my idea that everyone thought was meaningless worked! It validated my work with DVD’s and frequencies to me. It is likehaving the most valuable gift in the world, knowing its potential and feeling like I have no way to tell the entire world! Without any marketing skills and having invested our financial future in this project, I was conflicted. It might be easier to go back to being a practitioner. A field I love and have no problem marketing myself in. This, however, presented a much larger challenge. One that is still daunting. I, of course, have faith that in this life, or some future life, I will see this discovery come to life on a grander scale than only my closest friends.

I feel comforted that many have already been helped by the DVD we created for our Soldiers returning with PTSD. It is estimated that the rehabilitation cost of one Veteran returning with PTSD is 1.4 million dollars. I have heard so many reports from Veterans and their families about how much the two self help YouTube’s on my site have changed their lives. I am grateful to have changed a few lives and hope many many more take their health into their own hands by using the tools that are free and at their finger tips.

The following are the scan results from Tracy Davis, the test administrator. With a short explanation from her.

Click on any image to view Larger Picture
Before & After EIS Scan
Brain Before & After with 3 weeks of Frequency exposure
Heart Balanced and Calmed after 3 weeks of Frequency exposure
Neurotransmitters on right stabilized and interstitial Dopamine increased after Frequency exposure

Peristalsis (Muscle Contractions)Peristalsis photo improved the contractions of the intestines,
the dilation of the larynx, bronchi and trachea calmed down
and improved after frequency exposure. The photo does not
depict this so a description may be best on this one.
 Scan results calm down less erratic
after 3 weeks of frequency exposure


The technology is EIS (electro interstitial scan) ( ) in case you want more technical background on it.

Tracey has been using this device for 3 years now and was trained and certified by Professor Dr. Speroni, as well as attending classes in Arizona, Miami and Cancun. She has completed well over 200 evaluations and done testing on individual basis for clients health concerns and she continues to do so. She is also a Personal Trainer certified through UNLV.

The initial scan is $199 and follow up scans are $125.

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