Sample Music and Guided Meditations

Sample Vibroacoustic Music and Guided Meditation Sessions

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Guided Sessions:

Energy Psychology Guided Session


Embracing Self Love Guided Meditation

Embracing Self Love Guided Session


Transcending Victim Consciousness Between Worlds Guided Session

Vibroacoustic Music

Awaken The Hearts Fire was composed with the intention of opening the
heart chakra. For those unfamiliar with the chakra system, it is intended
to take people who live mostly in the world of logic and reason and bring
them into a world of feeling more compassion towards themselves and others.

Between Worlds was composed to assist with the process of being born,
returning to the spirit world, and lucid dreaming.

Embracing Self Love was composed to help those stuck in a
world of self-judgment to remember the “love they are”; and through
that remembering, they can feel the comfort of the love that is all around us.