Explanation of Earth Resonance and Solfeggio Frequencies

Regina Murphy primarily use two frequencies in her CD’s; the Earth tones and the Solfeggio frequencies. Because she has worked for so many years with these sounds, she felt comfortable putting these frequencies in all of her recordings, with the exception of the CDs for newborns.

Earth Frequencies
These are the frequencies that we know the body needs to stay healthy.  Because our physical bodies rarely touch the earth, this is a very wise choice for my music. NASA puts earth frequencies in their generators in the space shuttle to mimic the Earth to ensure the astronauts remain healthy while in space and out of the earth’s gravity. Regina uses an OHM tuning fork with this frequency while working with her work called Energy Psychology and with GREAT success. In her “articles” section of the web site, the article entitled “Instantly Transform Your Energy”, shows actual photographs of what happens in the energy field as soon as an Earth tone tuning fork sounds and is heard .  

Solfeggio Frequencies
Regina has worked extensively with the Solfeggio frequencies; also called “Holy Harmony” by Jonathan Goldman.  Many of her astounding photographs were taken when clients were simply listening to one the Solfeggio tuning forks. The most impressive one was a picture of Regina when she sent a Solfeggio frequency through a crystal into the client wearing a blue jacket which turned pink where she focused the sound with the intention of “Love”.  They are based in Pythagorean theory and were used in Ancient Gregorian Chants. The 528 Hz has been proven to positively affect the RNA and DNA.

Go to www.solfeggiotones.com, you can not only learn about the amazing potential of the tones but you can download them for free and learn how to adjust all of your music to become healing music. These tones awaken the spiritual part of us and interact with the RNA and DNA.

Our voice is the most powerful vibroacoustic tool we can access.