Sound Therapy Through Water

by emotionalst on May 22, 2011

TO: Regina

RE: My first experience using the meditation CD along with the crystal bowl filled with water and the transducers

The peace I feel is full.

I drifted into another world.

I was so deeply relaxed that it was an aware sleep.

It was better than any experience I’ve had with drugs or alcohol.

I just want to feel like this forever.

How nice to disconnect – and feel healed.

To turn the mind off – is a wonderful thing.

I will seek this state of mind again and again.

I feel rested, more than I thought I could experience.

As I sit here and write about my experience, I do feel an awakening.

It was a great experience.

I never knew I could go there.

Catherine H.

If you go to
You can order the waterproof speakers
and amplifier. This will able you to connect any vibroacoustic music source to the amplifier and begin experiencing sound through water.  The easiest is to simply place the speakers into a foot bath as shown in the vibroacoustic foot bath YouTube.  These speakers also have metal so their power is amazing used on meridian points and anywhere that you have pain.  Avoid putting speaker near pacemakers and defibulators.

Dayton DAEXEXT Waterproof Extreme Exciter     300-376   @ about $30.00 each
Dayton DTA-1 Class T Digital Amplifier 15 WPC   300-380  @ about $45.00 each

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