DVD Descriptions – Sound Lounge

Many sound experts use the properties of Vibroacoustics in their recordings. Some add binaural beats and some use single frequency protocols. What sets us apart are three things: The guided sessions in Energy Psychology and the use of Audio DVD with the Dolphins and Whales Movies for home use.

Therapeutic Dolphin DVD descriptions

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This DVD has four tracks. The first three are a ten, fifteen and twenty minute version with music and Vibroacoustics each containing all three earth frequencies, for an energizing break. It relaxes and grounds you while energizing you for a quick pick me up, or a perfect way to start your day. The fourth track is pure tone 194.71 vibration for 3 minutes. It is a very powerful and quick jumpstart or grounding frequency. I have seen it work instantly for sea sickness.

Water World  30 minutes – Safe for children and for a first experience on a sound lounge.

This is the first DVD in the series of THE SONIC TUNE UP collection. Its composer did a beautiful job creating induced relaxation and our DVD’s with the Dolphins and Whales were made specifically for this music. It was my introduction to “Vibroacoustics” and changed my direction from “therapist assisted sound therapy” to “self treatment for better health”. The stress reduction benefits affect all areas of our health. The benefits we receive when we take responsibility and are involved in self treatment are extraordinary. This 30 minutes of music on a sound bed changed my life and that of hundreds of my clients, opens the possibility of to change yours.

Ave Maria and Miracle Chord 727Hz30 minutes

Safe for children and newborns: This Dolphin only DVD has a magical dance of the dolphins and a frequency that assists in all conditions especially sinus infection. It is referred to as the “cure all” frequency by Dr. Royal Rife and is used in all the Baby Heart Song products. The two musical pieces combined in one DVD makes it very enchanting. Also perfect for Reiki practitioners to play during Reiki sessions.

Water World with Frequencies for PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  …30 minutes

The frequencies for (PTSD) are barely audible, but can induce a deeper relaxation and release of stress held in our emotional and physical body. Because of the heightened stress level of our society, most of us carry stress at a cellular level although we are not aware of it. It is recommended as the second session, to be tried at home on a DVD or on from the YouTube on my website first. Most people will feel extremely relaxed after this session on the sound bed and sleep better than ever that night. This is powerful though and can activate symptoms of sea sickness if you have a severe case. If a person is very ill, mentally or physically, this might be too strong. Not recommended for young children.

Weight Loss

This DVD is recommended more for constant use at home to treat the underlying emotional cause of weight loss. It can be enjoyed on the Sound Lounge as a way to boost the process. The vibroacoustic and relaxation benefits are still present in the composition.

Ave Maria with Ancient Tones …30 minutes

For the first 6 minutes of this session the dolphin and whale vocals are very prominent. The DVD draws you into their world and you feel as though they are communicating with you on some level that your soul can recognize. Then, the beautiful music begins and within a minute the low tones begin and you fall deep into a hypnotic trance. About seven minutes later, you recognize the classic Ave Maria slowly playing as the dolphins and whales dance a divine dance as if anchoring heaven into the waters. The final scene of the whale as it pays tribute to the Divine Mother is nothing short of breathtaking. Richard Plunkett embeds his music in the video which magically marries sound and light. This finally is worth watching and is the wait is so worth it. IT IS HELPFUL TO PLAY THE 3 MINUTE PURE EARTH TONE AFTER THIS DVD PRIOR TO GETTING UP. THIS HELPS WITH GROUNDING IN CASE OF DROWSYNESS.

Embracing Self Love Meditation with Earth Frequencies …30 minutes

Healing, creation and self love set the tone for this journey with your higher self and the Ascended Masters. It starts with the biological process of releasing our own endorphins to assist the meditative state and healing process. This is a sacred journey you will want to use when you just need a little help from your friends. The composition by Richard Plunkett is absolutely brilliant and is perfectly suited for this special process of learning to love ourselves.

As humans, we all seek the love and approval of our parents, spouse, children, and siblings. We also seek approval from our boss or co-workers. We try so hard to obtain it. It adds major stress to our already stressful lives and distorts many of our beliefs about our self worth. This is why this DVD is such a powerful tool in bringing our self worth into alignment with our higher self.

More Specific Conditions:

Played at least 3 x per day All available in DVD and CD



Adult Addictions

This is for all addictions. Rather than targeting a specific drug or habit, this is an overall treatment for our mind. Addiction usually begins in the mind and then the body follows. Addiction to emotions like grief, blame and logic can be our greatest enemy. Headphones recommended 27 minutes

Back Pain and Spasms

This will help if played in the TV, however a Vibroacoustic delivery system is highly recommended for this application. The most recommended is the Sound Oasis VTS available at all Dolphin Lounges. 45 minutes

Acute pain

This Can be used on the TV, played in the background, but also with a smaller delivery system with the frequencies played directly on the pain. A CD playing from a laptop or an Mp3 connected to a speaker that can be placed on the body is best. 33 minutes


This is a symptom based program addressing irritability first. Headache, nausea and an overall tonic of frequencies finished with the earth day frequency for a get up and go push. This does not only apply to PMS, but to any day that you feel more irritable than you would like. Works for men, women and children. 30 minutes

Respiratory Relief

This program is for lung conditions associated with smoking, COPD and Emphysema. This is the only program that we recommend that others without lung conditions not be present when played in the family entertainment center. 26 minutes