Dolphin Sound Lounge

What is “The Dolphin Lounge” or “Music Medicine Cove”?

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It is a MUSICAL APOTHICARY composed with a plethora of low chords, repetitious slow notes and tempos, high and low frequencies, occasional guided imagery served on a bed of softness layered with speakers from inside and out to create a SONIC TUNE UP for all parts of your body, mind and spirit.

If you can open your eyes there is a LCD (liquid crystal screen) with Dolphins and Whales doing a sacred dance to the music played through the vibroacoustic sound Lounger. The original footage and sound of theses sacred beings filmed (not in captivity) cast a sound and light show onto your body as you drift into a hypnotic state of bliss. Although laughter is the best medicine because of the joyful sound resonating through your body from within, this is a close second. It cannot be described, only experienced.

The enhanced audio from the DVD’s played through a vibroacoustic devise sends vibrations deep into the muscles, joints, connective tissue, spine and brain and effects the receptors on the membrane (membrain) of every cell. Getting sound into the body is a tune up at the deepest places and has an immediate impact on overall health but specifically pain and anxiety. The Effects are cumulative.

Each DVD has been created with a specific intention, carefully composed and constructed with deliberate placement of barely audible frequencies to enhance the intended outcome.

Contributors to this work are Composer David Gibson, Nexneuro LLC, and Dr. Suzanne Jonas and Master Composer and video magician Richard Plunkett. Frequency programs and research are taken from the pioneers in the field. Medical tests done before and after show marked improvement in brain and heart health.

Heart Rate Variability tests from the HeartMath Institute software Emwave are available before and after the session by appointment upon request.



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*contraindications: psychosis, acute inflammation, pregnancy, hemorrhaging, thrombosis, hypertension pacemakers, blood clots