Description of Meditations

All Meditations contain Vibroacustic Music, Earth Resonance Binaural Beats and Rose Quartz or Gold Quartz Singing Bowl.

Energy Psychology – Awaken the Heart’s Fire (English and Spanish)
In this guided session, you are directed to find the deepest hurt, or the most dominant negative emotion you have using your thought process.  After identifying it, you are guided through a basic tapping sequence that is similar to all the popular tapping protocols. (Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotional Self Management)  With the added power of the specifically composed Vibroacustic music, binaural beats and the sounding of the “Rose Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl” at the most appropriate times, this session is multi-dimensional and very effective even with children over the age of seven. Responses have been amazingly positive from practitioners and clients alike living in countries all over the world.

Energy Psychology – Transcending Victim Consciousness (English and Spanish)
In this session, you are guided to take responsibility for your health and life circumstances.  You are prepared to release all blame and resentment and accept your own power.  This is NOT for everyone; only those who are truly ready to detach from being a “Victim”.  This is an advanced session.

Embracing Self Love – Meditation
The musical composition for this is exquisite.  It sounds and feels as though the music is directly from the heavenly realms.  The Energy of Mother Mary, Saint Michael and “The Christ One” are very present as you heal the aura and the physical body. You are taught how to activate your own endorphins and then guided to find your life’s purpose.  This is a fast moving mediation that leaves you feeling very empowered and self confident.