Piercing The Veil

by emotionalst on May 10, 2011

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An Interview with Regina Murphy

Piercing The Veil

Regina Murphy was born in 1953…the fourth of six girls from Brooklyn, New York. The most exciting thing about her life as a child was trying to stay out of trouble at St. Michaels school and trying to decide what convent she was going to join as soon as they would let her. Regina took religion very seriously and was sure being a nun would make her happy for life. Seeing the movie “The Song of Bernadette” changed her life and this is when her faith in God and Mary really took hold. The “Story of Fatima”, which she played an angel in, in second grade, reinforced her belief in the unseen. According to Regina, “I did not yet have a grasp on the fact that I was a born rule breaker. I was born on the same day as Tony Spilatro, the Vegas Mob figure, so if there is any truth to astrology you know I could not have made a good nun”.

Living in a predominantly Irish neighborhood Regina naturally fell in love with an Italian boy named John who delivered meat for his father, a local butcher. They weren’t married a year before they left Brooklyn and headed for Las Vegas and founded the J&R Flooring carpet business.

Regina became a mother of two beautiful girls, Jamie in 1976 and Michelle in 1981. Her son John, was born in 1986 and would become a driving force in Regina’s choice of careers. After retiring from J&R Flooring Regina began her path as a therapist in the healing arts.


ILT: When I first met you way back when, you were using aura photography as a tool. Why this modality?

RM: Once I was able to see the effects of an energy session I was hooked. The images that appeared on the photos intrigued me and brought new meaning about the unseen. In fact, the camera was a great tool that gave my session some validity.

ILT: What type of items did you photograph?

RM: Everything. I, in essence, became the “mad scientist.” There wasn’t anything off limits. I took pictures of food, music, people, pictures, crystals, rocks, animals…you name it. It was fun not only for me but my clients loved it as well. It was amazing when I took “before” and “after” pictures as people received a healing session such as Reiki, massage or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

ILT: Regina, please explain what is EFT.

RM: It’s a modality that is based on the meridians of the body. It works by releasing stuck emotions, energy and self-limiting beliefs. It’s really great for helping one move beyond a fractured thought system.

ILT: So in conjunction with the different practices you use, such as Reiki, massage, EFT, tuning forks etc., the camera is a large part of understanding what is happening to someone?

RM: Yes it is. The camera has become a real window into the energy field in a way that astounds me. What’s even more amazing is that once my aura camera broke I was led to experiment with an ordinary digital camera. To my surprise, not only did the energy show up, it also appeared to capture the client’s higher self. What a trip.

ILT: What are some of the things the camera revealed?

RM: Streams of energy flowing from the person or objects, faces in the background, orbs, and other beings. Everything has an energy signature — whether inanimate or animate and that is what the camera is picking up on.

ILT: You indicate that the camera shows the energy flow. How does this help in the healing process?

RM: When I take the before picture and then work on the client, the after picture reflects a different energy pattern. When an issue is cleared you can visibly see this in the photo. I believe that people need to have validation and the camera is but one way for that to happen. They can see the difference from the beginning, during and after a healing session. It makes it more real.

ILT: You’ve obviously snapped thousands of pictures over the years. Have you had anyone else validate what you do?

RM: Once I started putting the photos on my website, I received a call from Professor Emeritus William Tiller of Stanford University, Material Science. He asked to examine my collection and found the pictures were indeed tapping into another reality. Professor Tiller has authored, Science and Consciousness and Some Science Adventures with Real Magic. As of today he is still interested in anything I am photographing.

ILT: Do the camera reflections change with a person’s thoughts?

RM: Oh yes, most definitely. The camera is a great tool for bringing awareness to the client on how their beliefs and thoughts change their energy field. It makes it real to them and brings greater consciousness.

ILT: What did your family think about you and your camera?

RM: In the beginning they kept trying to convince me that the camera was broken. They also felt I was losing it after John died. I think it made them uncomfortable, especially when I told them John was trying to communicate with me. Instinctively a mother knows these connections. However, one day a photo came through that even the biggest skeptic could not deny…John was making his presence known.

ILT: That had to be exciting for you.

RM: It was. I feel that John is my greatest teacher. He continues to teach me and push me past my comfort zones daily from the other side of the veil. He is such a guiding force in my life that he gives me hope and comfort.

ILT: So aside from what images the photos show, what else does the client receive?

RM: Besides a healing, they can see that they are not alone. They also have the power to change their lives and that it isn’t what I am doing; it’s what they are accomplishing. My goal is to awaken them to their own power through the photos. If they physically see it then they can believe it.

ILT: I know we spoke briefly of Reiki, massage, EFT and tuning forks. Do you use other modalities?

RM: I teach Energy Psychology. I have found that sound can open the receptors in every cell faster than any drug. Energy Psychology is a practice that helps one break through stagnant energy through tapping the meridians in the body. By so doing, negative emotions can be released and replaced with positive thought patterns. It is highly effective, especially with regards to trauma situations.

ILT: How exactly has this work impacted your life?

RM: I have had to get out of my comfort zone. I also can no longer remain “unseen” and in the background. My son John is continually encouraging me from the other side, which in some way strengthens my faith. I believe we are addicted to “reason” and “proof” which may be our downfall. What we see we believe while the unseen forces cause skepticism. In fact, the images found in the photos can challenge people’s entire belief system.


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Margaret June 20, 2011 at 11:02 am

Dear Regina,
I have found your insights wonderful as well as your photography.   I am second level Reiki and have long been interested in energy work, but more recently sound and listen to the Solfeggio Frequencies daily.
I am interested that you took the photos with a normal camera.  Did you take the pictures as one normally would with a camera?
This is all what we are meant to be doing.  There is no mystery is there?
Just the beauty of reality!…..that is the mystery behind the veil.
Thank you so much, your story and work is inspirational indeed.


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