Baby Heart Songs

A Mothers' Voice
is the Vibration a Newborn Needs the Most

Extensive medical research has proven that depravation of the mother’s voice and heartbeat at birth has detrimental effects on newborns physical and emotional development. Sound is the very first sense to be developed in the womb and is also the very last sense a person loses at death.

Because of new technology a mother can record her voice into an iPod already containing specifically composed music, heartbeats, certain frequencies and loving affirmations and place it in the isolette or incubator. It can substantially offset the negative effects of the depravation the mother’s voice and heart beat and help to mask the detrimental sounds of a hospital unit.

Sound expert Suzanne Jonas Ed.D. and I created a product that fits the needs of every baby and can be custom made by mom and in the “Go To Hospital” suitcase.

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