The Excelsis Project

Our mission is to make available a series of multidimensional healing music worldwide. Multidimensional healing music are recordings layered with binaural beats, frequencies, voices, nature sounds and compositions channeled from various artists or composers. This music can be used with or without vibroacoustic devises, color and light therapies. Crystal singing bowls, gongs and chanting with channeled healing sessions, hypnosis and Energy Psychology sessions are embedded within the recordings to enhance the intention of healing. Awareness of the power of sound healing and access to those sounds is our highest goal.

Channels from Mother Mary, Angels and other Light beings will grace this project of the “Highest Order”. “Excelsis”, meaning “Of the Highest” is what we hope to achieve with the multidimensional recordings.

Our long term goal is the sale of the recordings of multidimensional music, DVD’s and books reflecting the images and energies of the seen and unseen dimensions. These sales would generate funds to further the project enabling us to create free global access to all recordings. Awareness of the power of sound healing and access to it is the primary motivation behind this project.