Project Heartbeat

There are several layers to “PROJECT HEARTBEAT”.

Baby Heart Songs: Is the most important because it can help every baby coming into the world. It is a Sound therapy program for newborns, and free to hospitals. It allows a mother to record her voice into an Mp3 player.  Her heartbeat and the babies can be recorded from the fetal monitor as soon as the mother is hooked up in Labor and Delivery in the hospital.  Special programs of sound therapy are already in the Mp3 or can easily be downloaded from the website if you choose to purchase your own player and speakers.

Distant Heartbeats: So many families are separated because of military operations worldwide and the job situation.  It is possible to get your heartbeat recorded at the many ultrasound locations.  Even 60 seconds of listening and feeling through certain speaker can connect you to a loved one in a way that nothing else can when you are separated.  Baby heartbeats can be sent to parents overseas, and vice versa.  With an audio technician the track can be extended and added to anything you can dream up as a gift and keepsake.

We can all imagine what it would be like to have the heartbeat recorded of a child or a spouse during the grieving process and how that could assist in many ways, even through the veil communication.

This year, for my husband’s birthday I had my heartbeat recorded by a 3M stethoscope at 28 times its volume.  I had our audio technician make a CD with my wedding song playing with my heartbeat and a special message to my husband. Then I had another song with healing frequencies specifically for my husband, and my heartbeat playing in the background while my wedding ceremony and vows played.  This keepsake contains the highest vibration of our love.  At our Excelsis recording studio, you too can do this.

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