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Having been a student of Spirituality and a Practioner in the healing arts for well over a decade. I believe that the most important tools for empowerment and healing on every level are:

#1 – The desire to heal
#2 – Energy Psychology

The Synergistic effect of the tuning forks and the crystals are to date the Most impressive combination I have every seen. It is my personal mission to make this a well known and easily available tool to everyone. Each person that I reach with these tools will send out a vibrational “RIPPLE” that I believe all of mankind will feel.

About Regina

In 2001, a “Heart Rate Variability Test” at the office of Dr. Fuller Royal, of the Nevada Clinic, showed that Regina’s health was in a very serious state with a reading of 16.  Below 20, the person’s health is considered very poor.  Her poor health was also confirmed by Dr. Royal’s reading from a “Voll” machine test that measures the health of the person’s meridians. Dr. Royal was certain the cause was emotional and immediately began using acupressure for the emotions to address the cause of Regina’s symptoms.


The main symptom of Regina’s problem was excessive bleeding for almost a year as though her menstrual period never ended. Her session with Dr. Royal consisted of tapping and rubbing certain spots on her body while she was saying certain phrases and thinking of emotional issues. After this session, her bleeding stopped immediately. Dr. Royal called it “Thought Field Therapy” a.k.a. “Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Techniques”. After her recovery Regina took a class in Thought Field Therapy. Since taking the class her life’s work was dedicated to this very different but seemingly miraculous healing therapy.

At the time, Regina received this treatment from Dr. Royal, she was working as a massage therapist for the Archdiocese of Las Vegas at the St. Therese Center for HIV and AIDS. She was very experienced in aura photography and would take aura photos of the clients before and after their massages.

After her recovery and with this new information about Thought Field Therapy, with her aura camera in hand, Regina began tapping on and photographing anyone in distress. The results of the tapping were astounding and the pictures showed many interesting releases of energy. This now became the main focus of Regina’s work.

In 2004, Regina became familiar with Attractor Field Therapy and the integration of sound into the field from the website www.the-tree-of-life.com that first combined sound with Energy Psychology. Her son John had received a settlement from a car accident and funded her research to include the Attractor Field Therapy in her work.  John was a master musician and knew the powerful effects of sound. Within a year, Regina became certified in Acutonics.  This is a system of harmonic healing that uses tuning forks on the meridian points with frequencies that are the same vibrations of the planets.


Naturally, using these frequencies on the meridian points used in Energy Psychology became the next focus of Regina’s work. She also researched the properties of crystals because of their ability to clarify and amplify sound. Crystals are used in most of our “high end” electronics products such as computers and TV’s because of their ability to store and transmit sound.

Using Energy Psychology, tuning forks and crystals, Regina has developed a modality called Emotional Sound Techniques. It incorporates all of the benefits into one therapy that has long been proven to be very effective. Most recently, Regina began using pointed crystals on the Psychological Reversal point. This information, along with her free workbook, is available on this web site to anyone and Regina encourages that people download it and use it. It’s all complimentary and can help anyone wanting to learn to heal themselves. You do not need a tuning fork and crystal to do this; tapping works just fine.

Not long after she began this work, Regina’s son John died and began communicating with his mother through all of her ordinary digital cameras. Her pictures capture energy, emotion and other dimensions; especially in her healing room.  Her photos of clients have even captured pictures of their loved ones, as spirits, days before their passing. Using the insights from the photos, along with communication from her son John, she has made some innovative advances in the field of Energy Psychology.

Since 2004, Regina has been teaching free classes on the emotional therapies. The public library has sponsored over 30 of her lectures on Emotional Sound Techniques and has requested presentations of her Multi-Dimensional photos. She teaches at pre-schools to children as young as 3 and in adult day care centers.

Her passion for this stems from how much these modalities helped her son when he was a troubled teen expelled from regular school. When his body could no longer tolerate the massive amounts of behavioral drugs prescribed for him, his behavior and depression spiraled out of control. Energy Psychology made such an enormous and immediate change in his life, his behavior and school performance. This is why she has spent thousands of hours and an enormous amount of money hosting free classes and research projects. John funded and assisted her with this work until his death in 2005 at the age of 19.

She has written numerous articles for magazines and periodical publications. She is the author of The Elusive Gift of Tragedy, a book about her life and her son’s death and the workbook on Emotional Sound Techniques. Her photos have appeared in Mystic Pop and Mysteries Magazine.

Regina’s goal is to educate others how simple it is to deal with emotional problems. She has posted on this website information that is free for the “Download” and simple for adults or children to learn and use.

Regina’s purpose for all of this is to reach parents before they start their children on “Behavioral Medications”. Regina believes that IF she had the tools available to her before she put her son on medications, when he was only 5, his life would have been dramatically different. The latest data also suggests that children placed on Behavioral Medications for ADD and ADHD do not perform well in adulthood.

Dr. William Tiller, Ph D Professor Emeritus of Stanford University has validated Regina’s photographs and has authorized his research with crystals to be included in her workbook and class DVD.  Dr. Tiller, when time allows, will look further into Regina’s work and add his comments and latest research to her work.

Regina is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified in the Body Talk System, Certified in Acutonics-Level I and is a founder of the Emotional Sound Techniques Association: an Approved Provider for the NCBTMB. She and her son, John, started a local non-profit corporation, Love In Action, Inc, which has helped local organizations financially, who care for children with emotional problems.  This non-profit corporation also offers free training for organizations that want to learn Emotional Sound Techniques.

Regina’s dimensional photos reflect emotions, energetic releases and amazing images. Regina’s interpretation of them will be available on this site as part of her series of articles called “Picture This”.