Sound Waves

Sound Waves travel fastest through solids, the next fastest through liquid but the slowest through air.

The relationship of sound and healthy body cells is becoming the next major area of medical research. Getting sound frequencies into the body has a far greater effect on our overall health than just hearing them. The Atomic Force Microscope at UCLA can hear that a healthy yeast cell vibrates slightly above a C # just like the planet earth. Researchers in France have been able to explode cancer cells in a Petri dish with the vibrations of a simple tuning fork. An invisible wave, whether it is sound, light or electromagnetic pulse alters matter. It is a fact that sound alters matter.

Using the specific sound frequencies that the cells of our bodies need and getting it into the body with little effort may be the easiest way to change your mood, brain wave states and re-establish healthy cell performance within the body. Check out the sound therapy buzz. Until recently sound beds and recliners in many Medical Centers was the only way to get sound into the body consistently over a long period of time. But now, with the use of iPod and speakers, which can be placed directly on the skin, this technology has become available to almost everyone at a reasonable cost.

The metal speakers act like sustained vibrating tuning forks and are like lightning rods sending these healing tones and overtones deep into the body which have an immediate effect on the cell receptors. Another easy method, but slightly more expensive, is to get sound transmitted through water into the body using waterproof speakers in footbaths, bathtubs and crystal bowls. The third and recently discovered way the we like to get sound in the body is by the use of bone conduction headphones. You can read an article here: Bone Conduction Headphones for use with Sound Therapy. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see the programs we do not recommend you use with the bc headphones.

Even your computer speakers held on the body with Vibroacustic Music will have a positive effect. Our proprietary “Excelsis” carrier frequency is contained in our frequency infused free sound therapy music programs – Grab those downloads today! Since some of the vibroacoustic music also includes binaural beats, using headphones produces additional benefits. A simple iPod case with a splitter works great because it is portable, wireless is small enough to sleep with or take to work with you for an afternoon power nap. Watch the video below to find out how sound frequencies can help you, then grab the workbook for less than a cup of coffee!